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  • Tracy Fink

Tips on Planning a Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings sometimes get a bad rep. Just because they are outdoors and much smaller than more large-scale wedding productions doesn't mean that they're just thrown together or casual.

There are some wonderful ways you can host your backyard wedding without giving up that lavish aesthetic.

Here are a few of our favorite backyard wedding ideas that will help elevate your event:

1. Bring a bit of the indoors outside with a designated "chill" lounging area. Utilizing lounge seating will create a unique space to hang out during the cocktail hour or after the meal.

2. Light up the night with string lights. You can hang them from trees and other areas of your backyard.

3. Know how to make an entrance. Use curtains or other dramatic elements to decorate your entranceway. Make the area where your guests enter the backyard feel like they are entering a unique location.

4. Add pops of color to your outdoor tables. Unless your backyard is already full of color, adding some colorful linens to your dinner tables or accent tables will allow you to change the look of the space.

5. Make use of small accents in your décor and tablescapes to fit your theme. For example using fresh leaves or flowers if you are going for a garden wedding can help take simple place settings to the next level.

6. Finally create a specific space for the ceremony. That will allow your guests to know where they need to go when they arrive.

These simple tips and tricks can help create a backyard venue space that is just as spectacular as any indoor wedding this year.

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