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Meet Our Owner

HI, I'm Tracy!

Welcome to Weddings by Tracy, a luxury wedding planning & event company that focuses on designing beautifully styled celebrations for you and your guests.  I am the proud Owner and Lead Planner at Weddings by Tracy.

I started planning corporate events and galas for the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce in the mid 90s but I kept feeling myself being pulled more towards weddings.  In 1999 I became a Certified Wedding Specialist and the rest is history.   I always said that I would stop doing weddings when I no longer tear up during my ceremonies but that will never happen. (yes I get emotional at every wedding – my husband will attest to that). 


My philosophy is simple.  I LOVE LOVE!.  Nothing gives me more fulfillment than knowing I had a small part to play in two people declaring their love for one another.   Add to that my compulsion to constantly organize (again – poor husband) and my career path feeds my quality of life.


Some personal stuff about me…We have 6 kids.  Most of them are adults at this point and are creating their own lives in this world. Nothing makes my heart feel full then when they come home and are loud.  I miss their noise.  My husband and I are complete nuts when it comes to animals.  We are known as the “foster fails” as we have rescued 4 dogs and 4 cats (yes – 8 animals in our house most under a year old)  Our goal when we get older is to rescue wild animals.  (we will be those strange people you see online putting hats on raccoons etc)  I flew airplanes in the Air Force Auxiliary and learned how to fly helicopters. I was that weird kid growing up that had posters of airplanes on my wall instead of New Kids on the Block. (yes I’m that old) 


Sound like we would get along? Let's plan the wedding that fits YOUR personality.


Best in the Business

Could not have had such an amazing wedding without Tracy's help. She was incredibly helpful, efficient and overall AMAZING to work with. Whenever I began to feel stressed or worried, she was always willing to talk with me and calm me down no matter the time or day. She has a huge heart and really has your best day in mind. Would love to have another wedding just to work with her again! The best of the best in the business for sure.

- Meredith

Professional Wedding Planner Certification 
Proud Member of the
Association of Bridal Consultants

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Certified Wedding Planner

Wedding MBA

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