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How to choose sustainable wedding jewelry

Wedding Ring

If you’re someone who is mindful of your environmental impact, you’re sure to have picked

out your wedding suppliers with this in mind. Especially considering that one wedding can

produce as much as 20kg of plastic waste, it’s crucial to be mindful of the sustainability of

your big day. Often the first things that couples look to find sustainable options for are the

dresses, suits, catering and decorations, but have you considered the impact of your

wedding jewelry?

From your engagement and wedding bands to any necklaces and bracelets you wear on the

day, the jewelry that you choose can have a significant impact on the environmental impact

of your wedding. In this article, we look at how you can ensure that you choose the most

sustainable and eco-friendly jewelry possible for your big day.

Lab-grown diamonds

If you’re looking for diamond-encrusted jewelry, opting for lab-grown stones is a surefire way

to eliminate any worries about its history and sustainability. Without the need for

mechanically intensive mining processes, the amount of resources used in order to create

your diamond will be significantly lower. Instead, they replicate the natural process of

forming a diamond in a lab, using high pressures and temperatures to compress carbon until

it forms these beloved stones. What’s more, due to the nature of the lab-grown process,

there are fewer worries about unfair labor practices.

Conflict-free stones

If your stone isn’t lab-grown, then it’s important to find out the history behind it before you fall

in love. Many mining corporations operate unlawful practices, paying their staff pitiful wages

in return for long hours of intensive manual labor. This is incredibly unethical, and something

you definitely wouldn’t want to be reminded of when you look at your jewelry.

To maximize the sustainability of a naturally formed stone, you should ask about where and

how it was mined. Smaller artisanal mines typically use more basic equipment, reducing the

resources used in order to obtain the stones significantly. They also pay their staff fair

wages, so by purchasing one of these stones, you can rest assured that it’s conflict-free.

Recycled or reclaimed materials

The precious stones and metals used in most jewelry come from finite resources, and the

continued manufacturing of them can strip our planet of its natural reserves. Considering

this, opting for jewelry made from recycled metals can be extremely beneficial. By helping to

reduce the manufacturing of these metals, you can enjoy the same shiny finish without the

increased carbon footprint.

Similarly, reclaimed stones are a great option when it comes to sustainability. Without

requiring any additional manufacturing, these stones can easily be repurposed to create your

dream jewelry with some simple tools. You could even opt to repurpose a heirloom stone for

added sentimentality.

Having sustainable wedding jewelry doesn’t mean that you have to compromise. The same

styles and luxurious touches can still be present, but you can rest assured that the methods

used to create your jewelry didn’t cause harm to workers or the environment.

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