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Rachel and Phil's Fall Wedding - Family Farm

Wedding Dress: Lily Mae Bridal Boutique

Bartender Service: William's Bartending

Band: Magic Pipers Band

Hair/Makeup: SMG Beauty

Transportation: Royal Limousine

Fireworks: Hale Artificier

When Rachel and Phil got engaged they knew immediately where they wanted to get married. Rachel's family had owned a farm for generations and that was the perfect place to exchange their vows. The only problem was that it was a working farm and was not a wedding venue. With that they brought in Weddings by Tracy to bring their dream alive.

First thing to do was map out where everything was going to be located and then bring in all of the items needed such as a tent, lighting, a stage, flooring and rentals. In addition to the traditional items that are needed for a wedding, necessities such as bathrooms, trash disposal and a kitchen area for the caterer needed to be developed and rented.

With the help of some wonderful vendors, Rachel and Phil were able to have the fall wedding of their dreams on their family's property.

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Jan 24, 2023

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