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Wedding Vendor Tipping...How Much?

Updated: May 26, 2021

When planning your wedding you should have established a budget in the beginning to know what all you need to put money aside for. One of the items that is often overlooked is allotting room in your budget for gratuity but the question that is always asked is what vendors do we tip?

Here is a breakdown of whom to tip and how much....

Wedding Planner

Wedding planners won't expect anything but if yours does a great job, it is nice to offer a token of appreciation. 10-20 percent is standard.

Wedding Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

This is one area where gratuity is definitely expected. Tip between 15 to 25 percent just as you would in a hair salon or more if there is extra drama like a bridesmaid melting down.

Wedding Delivery and Setup Staff

For anybody dropping items off like flowers, the wedding cake or rental items, slip them a few dollars. Depending on the amount of items, the workers definitely deserve a tip.

Wedding Ceremony Officiant

For your wedding officiant, there are some rules depending on if you are getting married in a church or synagogue. If your service is in one of those, then you will be expected to make a donation. Typically that is between $100-$500 depending on if you are a member or not. If you are using an officiant off-site then tipping is around $50-$100 or more depending on if your officiant helped with premarital counseling for example.

Wedding Ceremony Musicians

If you incorporate live musicians into your wedding or reception, it's nice to give each one a token of your appreciation. $15-$20 per musician is standard but if they come up with a score just for you then consider more.

Wedding Photographer and Videographer

If your photographer or videographer own their own studio then it is not expected to give them any money beyond their normal fees. But if they work for another company then consider tipping each person involved. $50-$200 per vendor is standard.

Wedding Reception Staff

This would pertain to any of the banquet staff, bartenders, coat check person, bathroom attendant and parking staff. Check your contract. If it says gratuity is included then you don't need to tip. There is often confusion as to if the "Service Charge" includes the tip. Go with the assumption that it does not or ask your caterer. If gratuity is not included then 10-20 percent of the total food/beverage section should be divided between the different staff.

Wedding Reception Band or DJ

If you hire a DJ then a tip is preferred. $50-$150 is standard. If you hire a band or live musicians then $25-$35 per musician is typical. Don't forget any sound technicians they might bring as well.

Wedding Transportation

With a transportation driver, check your contract. This is another example where gratuity might or not be included. If it isn't then 15-20 percent of your total bill would be standard.

With any of these vendors, if they go above and beyond we suggest showing your appreciation. You've spent, in most cases, a lot of time with your vendors and it's nice to show that they made a difference in making your wedding a success.

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