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Wedding Planning Cycle of Emotions

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

When planning a wedding, couples go through a series of emotions. Most people will talk about the stress that comes with putting together such an important event. There is also a cycle of emotions that happens through the planning process that everyone experiences. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect....

Newly Engaged

When you first get engaged you become obsessed with all things wedding related. You go out and buy every wedding magazine you can find, sign up for all of the wedding websites and join every wedding group you see on social media. You are excited and euphoric. Whether you have looked forward to your wedding since you were a child or never thought about it, you are now completely hooked with all things wedding related.

Started Planning

Once you get over the initial excitement you realized there is so much more involved then just picking pretty things you see on Pinterest. This is where the hard work comes in. Having to research vendors, not knowing what to ask or if you are getting a good value, what do you need or not need and a hundred other questions and decisions have to be made. You have gone from obsessed to overwhelmed and constantly busy until you have chosen your vendors. Then you enter the next stage.

Months Before Your Wedding

Boredom. You have spent many many months researching and planning for your wedding and now you feel like you are forgetting something. You probably haven't but because there is a lull in the planning, you don't know what to do with yourself. It's natural to start second guessing your decisions and looking for things to keep you busy. Enjoy this quiet because the stress and emotions will ramp back up shortly.

Month Before Your Wedding

Let's elope! Remember that calm a few months ago. Well guess's gone. Now you are busy making hundreds of decisions again but this time it's about timelines and logistics. Who is going to do what at what time. You will start to get sick of wedding planning and will consider eloping to get a way from it all. This is also a time where you might have a shorter fuse so be aware of that with your fiancé, friends and family.

Wedding Day

Holy crap it's the wedding day! If you slept at all in the last week (probably not much) you are running on nerves, excitement and adrenaline. Though it will go by in a blur, try to soak it all in. Remember, you are marrying your best friend. The reception and everything else is just the icing on the cake. Don't spend the day looking at things and wondering if you should have done something different. Finally, breathe! Often! DO NOT PASS OUT! This is what all of the hard work and stress was for so enjoy it!

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