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Top Tips for Planning Your Reception Tables

Your reception tables will play a big role in the overall aesthetic of your wedding reception. There are various shapes and sizes for you to choose from, each option adding a unique touch to your reception area. The shape and size that you choose will depend on your specific wedding style and the space that you’ve chosen to have your reception in.

Here are the most popular options that you have available to you.

Square or Rectangle Tables These shapes are best for events that are taking place in unconventional areas such as under a tent or on a lawn and are a great way to create borders in your reception area. This doesn’t mean that you need to line them up perfectly either. Square or rectangle tables can be placed at different angles to create a unique look and feel. If you will be using this table shape, be sure to use an even number of chairs and quality linens to soften any edges.

Photo by Yasmin Leonard Photography

Round Tables Round tables are used most often for events because they work in just about any space. If you do want to make things more interesting though, try using a few tables of different sizes. Beautiful chairs, cutlery, linens, and flowers can really bring these classic tables to life.

Family/Farmhouse Style Tables. Family style tables generally work well in larger reception areas. Typically wider than banquet tables you can use them lined up together to create one long table or break them into groupings. Using décor of different heights and sizes helps break these larger tables up; candle holders and vases being some examples. Use runners of different textures or square plates to add some character to the tables.

Mix It Up Nothing says you can't have a mixture of tables as well. Incorporating round and rectangle tables is a great way to create a more eclectic aesthetic. Don't be afraid to have fun with different shapes and sizes.

Remember that while you need to choose the right table for your unique space, the tables act as a base for your reception area and can be used to create any style and atmosphere you want on your wedding day.

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