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Tips for Having Your Dog In Your Wedding

When planning your wedding, you want to have everyone that is important to you there. For a lot of couples that includes their furbabies. Having your dog or dogs in your wedding can make for the most memorable of photos, but there are some things you need to consider ahead of time.

Have Realistic Expectations of Your Dog's Behavior.
Does your dog growl at strangers or get scared and hides? You don't want to put undo stress on your pet if they are not comfortable with strangers or large groups.

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Ensure Guests Are Comfortable Around Dogs.
We might find our dogs jumping on us when they see us cute but are your guests going to want their nice clothing potentially ruined when it happens to them? Are any of your guests scared of dogs (especially if they are a larger breed)?

Is Your Venue Pet Friendly?
We might plan to have our dog be the ring bearer but does the venue even allow pets on property? If so, what are the rules that are associated with having them there?

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Hire a Wedding Day Sitter/Handler For Your Dog's Comfort.
You will be busy the whole day getting ready and talking to guests. Your dog will be in a strange environment and not know where to go to the bathroom or get food/water. Have someone on site who's job it is to look after your pet.

Play to Your Dog's Strengths for Photos.
Your dog might love running to your when they first see them. Have someone at the entrance of the aisle with your pet and let them run to the front. If they sit on command have them in the bridal party photos or have photos of you and your fiancé running and your pet running with y'all.

Finally, Embrace the Chaos.
Having pets at your wedding will be chaotic at times, but not only will you love having them there, your guests will as well. Just have a plan in place so that everyone, including your dog, is comfortable for the whole time.

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