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Timeline for Wedding Guest Accommodations

So you have everything for your wedding day organized except where your out of town guests are going to stay for the wedding. This is something that is often overlooked but is very important in making sure your guests feel welcomed even before arriving for the wedding.

Here is a timeline to keep you on track for making sure your guest accommodations runs smoothly.

  • As soon as your date and location are booked, reach out to area hotels regarding their availability. Remember to keep in mind any city wide events that might be happening as they will effect what hotels are able to provide you.

  • Choose one or two hotels to have your block at. Price points, brand names or locations might be things to consider.

  • Once chosen get the hotel block agreement signed. (important to have in writing)

  • Request to have your group weblink/ online booking code sent to you.

  • If you are having a wedding website, go ahead and put the hotel information along with the weblink on there so guests can get started booking their reservations.

  • When you send out your invitations, let them know the hotel information has been included or is on your website

  • 2 months before your cut-off date (listed in your contract) ask them for the list of guests that have booked. This will allow you to give a gentle push for those that say they are coming but forgot to make their reservations.

  • 1 month before the cut-off date, again ask for an updated list.

  • 2 weeks before your cut-off date, get an updated list.

  • 1 week before your cut-off date, get an updated list and send last reminder to your guests to book.

  • 2 weeks before your check-in date. Remind the hotel that you’re coming in, any concessions that were in your contract and anything they should plan for like if you need additional seating in your suite for make-up.

  • The week that your guests are checking in, make sure to provide the hotel with any last minute details such as welcome bags, itineraries or maps to be given to your guests.

  • When you check-in, hand the front desk an extra wedding itinerary if you have one. Let them know you’re part of a wedding group and who to contact if guests approach them with any questions. They typically change their shift at 3pm, 11pm and 7am so feel free to check-in more than once.

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