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Summer Bridal Shower Ideas You Haven’t Considered

While celebrating the bride to be is fun, let's be honest, bridal showers can be a bit boring. We have all been to bridal showers where it's the same games, food and themes as every other one you have been to recently. It can make it challenging to get excited when planning one for your loved one. The beauty of summer, though, is that there are endless ways you can personalize the bridal shower that you probably haven't considered. Here are some summer bridal shower ideas that will help inspire you.

Pool Party

Nothing says summer more than a pool party. When planning this kind of a bridal shower, think relaxed and fun. Incorporate monogrammed beach towels as favors. Have the brides favorite poolside classic drinks and snacks like daiquiris and chips and dip. Don't worry about having games, as the pool provides all the entertainment you need. Just remember to word your invitation so guests know that they need to bring their bathing suit.

Greenhouse Tea Party

Want something a little more formal? How about doing a greenhouse tea party. Imagine floral sundresses, hats and a manicured greenhouse. Incorporate different teas and finger sandwiches. Instead of games, have the greenhouse let your guests plant the bride's favorite flowers in unique monogramed pots as take home gifts.

Under the Stars Bridal Shower

Bridal showers are typically during the day so switch things up. Have an outdoor "Under the Stars" party with outdoor string lights, candles and lanterns. Incorporate navy and gold into your design elements and use a trio for music to give that soft atmosphere feel. Bottles of wine and a beautiful table setting will add that extra touch to the bridal shower. As a fun favor, have stars named after your guests and present them with their certificates.

All of the celebrations that make up the entire wedding experience are special moments and are worth the extra thought. Have fun with your bridal shower ideas. The more personalized the experience the more your guests will enjoy it.

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