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Questions You MUST Ask When Looking at a Venue

Updated: May 26, 2021

When you are looking at a venue, it is easy to fall in love with the appearance. Before you sign the dotted line, it is important to know what kind of restrictions you might come across either while planning or on the day of your wedding.

Below are some questions that will help keep you organized.

Contract Questions

1. How many hours are included?

2. Do those hours include set up and breakdown?

3. Will there be a staff member on site throughout the whole event?

4. Can we have the rehearsal (and rehearsal dinner) here?

5. When does music need to be off or turned down by?

6. Who needs liability insurance?

7. Is security required?

8. When are payments due and how much for each one?

9. When is the final count due?

10. How often can we come by to see the venue?


1. Where are the parking lots and loading zones?

2. How accessible is the space?

3. Do you offer anything to offset seasonality issues?

4. Do you have bride and groom rooms on site?

5. How's the lighting at night?

6. Where are the outlets and breakers?

7. Where are the restrooms, and how many do you have?

8. What's your standard layout?

9. How many events will you have the day of my event?

10. Who does what tear down?

11. How close is the venue to an airport?

12. How close is the venue to hotels for out of town guests?

13. Are you allowed to use the entire property or are there areas you can't use?

14. What is provided for seasonal things such as coat check or heaters?

15. Is there an inclement weather plan available?

Vendors, Catering and Rentals

1. Do you have catering offered on site? If not, is there a list of caterers we have to choose from?

2. Is there a prep kitchen for an off site caterer?

3. Is there a list of preferred vendors that has to be used?

4. What, if any, are the alcohol restrictions?

5. Is there a food/beverage minimum if using your caterer?

6. Is there an ice machine?

7. What are the décor (especially hanging) restrictions?

8. Are you allowed to use bubbles, glitter, flower petals?

9. What rentals come with the site?

To Download a Printable Copy Click Below

Venue Questions
Download PDF • 2.18MB

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