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Mother of the Bride Fashion Tips

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

With all of the excitement of your daughter or son getting married, it's easy to forget about what you might need. This is especially true with the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom dresses.

Here are some tips to help the process go a little smoother.

Make sure you start early. It can take as long to order a Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom dress as it does your bridesmaids dresses. You want to make sure there is enough time for it to arrive and to have it fitted.

Talk to your daughter or groom about what they envision. If they are planning an informal wedding, then having a formal long dress might not fit in. Likewise, a formal wedding should not be the time to wear your favorite sundress.

It is important to take into account the color scheme for the wedding. You don't want to wear the same color as the bridesmaids as you won't stand out, but you also don't want to clash with them in the group photos. Find a nice complimentary color and remember traditionally the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom do not wear white or ivory.

This will be an emotional time so your stress level will already be at an all time high. Don't add to your discomfort by wearing something that isn't YOU. If you don't like heels, wear flats. If you don't like having your shoulders exposed, then wear something to cover them. Make sure what you wear is YOU so you can focus on enjoying the day.

What about matching the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom dresses? The Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom don't need to coordinate their dresses but traditionally the Mother of the Groom follows what the Mother of the Bride selects. For example, if the Mother of the Bride decides to wear a long dress then the Mother of the Groom should as well.

The best way to think about choosing a dress is think about how it will look in the photos with the bridal party. You don't want to take away from the bride being the center of the focus.

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