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How to Start Planning a Wedding During the Holidays

With so many couples getting engaged during the holiday season, planning a wedding during the holidays can make an already stressful process that much more. Planning your wedding can be a full time job along with your regular job and responsibilities. Add on to that the holiday season with its mixture of additional events and the emotions that go with the holidays and you can quickly feel overwhelmed. Knowing how hard it can be, here are some tips to planning your wedding during the holidays.

Don't send out the invitations or save the dates during the holidays.

When planning your save the dates or invitations, have them come out either well in advance of the holidays or wait until after the New Year. Your guests will be receiving a lot of mail and you don't want your invitations to get lost in with all of the holiday cards.

Use holiday get togethers to get some of your wedding DIY projects done.

Need to stuff your invitations? Want help cutting greenery? Have a DIY project for your guest tables that will take time? If you are already having friends or family over for the holidays get them to help out. Supply the wine and you will be done in no time.

Use holiday sales to your advantage!

Having your wedding in the fall/winter? After the holidays you can find great sales on items that will be going out season. Stock up on items like greenery, votive holders, plate chargers, or anything gold.

Finally use this time to enjoy each other.

You will have plenty of time to focus on your wedding. Take this short hiatus to just focus on each other.

We hope these tips help make your wedding planning during the holiday season just a bit easier.

Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year.

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