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12 Wedding Things to NOT Forget

Updated: May 26, 2021

When planning your wedding, you will constantly have a million things on your mind. Even the most organized bride can forget a few things. Here are twelve items you need to put on your "to do list" that you will want to think about.


Let's be honest, we want our photos to turn out beautiful. One way to do that is to have the best lighting. Plan your ceremony time so that your photos coincide with the golden hour (an hour or so just before the sun sets). This will give you those wonderful sunset photos you see on Pinterest. Just search Google your wedding date + when will the sun will set? Your photographer will love you forever.


You are ready to head to the ceremony with your bridal party and then it hits are you all getting there? Having a plan in place for both getting the entire bridal party to the ceremony, to the reception and back to where they are sleeping that night will keep them from either arriving late or getting lost. Don't forget about how you and your partner will be leaving at the end of the night as well. Hanging with your crew might be fun, but you will probably want some alone time together.


You get up early (if you even slept) the day of the wedding and immediately start getting ready. There is the excitement of having your bridal party with you and doing your makeup and hair. The photographer arrives and you are busy taking photos and heading to the ceremony. The next thing you know, you aren't feeling well. Making sure you have something to eat where you are getting ready. We suggest finger foods that aren't messy like a charcuterie tray, fruit, veggies, granola bars and of course lots of water. Also, make sure your caterer provides you a small hors d'oeuvres tray for before you get introduced into the reception.


One budget item that is often forgotten about is the gratuity. Know prior to the day of the wedding how much you want to give each vendor. Have them put in envelopes with the vendors name on it and assign someone to be responsible for handing them out that day.


If you are having photos done with your bridesmaids, you will want some cute photos of you matching. Getting ready robes or matching button up shirts is nice in that they serve two purposes. They look great in the photos and they make doing hair/makeup easier in that they don't have to pull shirts over their heads and possibly ruin their glam when they change into their dresses!


It's the end of the night, you have just done your exit and the lights pop on. It's time to break down everything from the reception. Most venues will want everything gone by the end of the night so think of a few people that you are close with that can be responsible for that duty. Some things they will want to look for include gathering all of the decorations, gifts, cards and personal belongings. Be careful to not choose people that have been involved in the wedding all day such as parents or the bridal party. They are going to be equally as tired as you are. Also, don't choose people that might drink too much during the reception or they are liable to forget what they are supposed to do.


If you are planning on having an outdoor wedding or having photos outside, have a Plan B. That would include where you will have the ceremony and if you will need to flip the room for the reception. Also, if you are planning on outdoor photos and the weather turns bad, know where you can get some good indoor photos. You don't want to be running around stressed if Mother Nature decided to join your wedding.


Do you like group dances like the Wobble and Cupid Shuffle? How about slow dances? Not only is it important to let your DJ know what you want to hear, it is also good to have a list of songs or genre for the DJ NOT to play at your wedding. If you skip out on this step, chances are you may be in for a surprise.


Before you give your headcount to your caterer, make sure none of your guests have any allergies or dietary restrictions. If that is the case, give your caterer a heads up and see if there is an alternate meal for your guest who does have restrictions. Also, don’t forget to include your vendors: the photographers, videographers, DJs / musicians, planners, etc.


When the night is wrapping up and it's time to make your grand exit, think about what you want to be wearing. Do you want to change out of your dress so you fit in your car? Do you want to wear a personalized jacket for the photos? Will your feet hurt the end of the night? Think through what you want to change in to and have it packed in a bag at the reception venue.


If you are going straight to your honeymoon destination the day after, don’t forget to pack a few days before!! Get out a piece of paper, write down everything you need to pack and keep that list by your bags so you don’t forget anything!


When you buy your wedding dress, it won’t fit perfectly which is why you should put a little money to the side for alterations. You will go through a series of fittings with your gown and once your final fitting is scheduled, it’s best to bring your Maid of Honor. When she is there with you, she can see how your bustle clips and know of any other notes from the specialist! This will help your wedding day run smoothly!

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